July - 2023


Vanmahotsav was celebrated from 1st July to 7th July in our school. It is mainly celebrated in the month of July to save nature and to create awareness in people. K.M.Munshi the Union Minister of Agriculture and Food was the one who started VanMahotsav. VanMahotsav started in the year of 1950, with an aim  to protect the forest and he also wanted every citizen of India to plant a sapling during VanMahotsav week. 

Our school organized different programs like skits, dance, speeches and mime acts. All the clubs of our school  participated in the Vanmahotsav event. Our beloved swamijis,  Swami Vishnumayananda Maharaj, ,Swami Mangalanathanada Maharaj,Swami Maha Arhanada Maharaj were present on the auspicious occasion of Vanmahotsav.


Grades 1 and 2 : Children have learnt rhymes with action and also learnt to read words and match the jumbled words into a meaningful sentence.They also learnt new vocabulary through ‘salad making ‘ activity

FA1 activities of 5th grade students and 7th SRVK students

The CBSE Syllabus which encourages the schools to assess children to present tasks either in groups or pairs or individually creatively. All subject teachers have assessed them by giving different kinds of activities  during the second week of July. 


Professor Jadegowda visited our school's orchidarium on 22nd July. He was pleased to see many  kinds of orchids kept in the green house. The professor also had a discussion with Science Club students and helped them to find scientific names for orchids. He was oind enough to present few orchid plants to our orchidarium, which he had brought it from his garden. He was accompanied by Murali sir , Deepthi mam and Shresti mam.


Every year, our school organizes a health check-up for all children. This year, too, the health  ceck-up was conducted  from 24th July to 2nd August, by the doctors of Dr. Chandramma Dayanand Sagar Institute of Medical Education and Research ( CDSIMER), Bengaluru.

All children were checked thoroughly.


English activities by 4th B students

EVS activities by 4A students

EVS activities by 5B students

Science lab experiments by 9th students 

Sensorial Activities

Book review by Shakthi ( 5A )

Amitha ( 7A )

Thanushree ( 7A )

EVS activity by 3B students

Snakes Brochure by 5th A students

Creative writing by Chinmayee ( 8A )

INSPIRE classes

Pratham ( 5B ) Map activity