SEP - 2023

Welcome to September  Edition Of  SSVK  Newsletter

 Interaction  with Mr. Sumanth (Resource  Person, MADOO Project)                 

Mr.  S.Sumanth is a well experienced person in the taming of cows. He visited our school on the 2nd september. Students of class 7 interacted with him and asked many questions regarding the cows. The interaction was very informative. 


Our school conducted  FA-2 examination from 4th September to 6th September for students from  classes 1st to 9th.This examination was

started from 4th September to 6th September. Our school hopes to see every pupil to be a bright star.



Teachers day was celebrated on 5th September 2023. It was celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Every year our school celebrates this day as a grand festival but as the students were engaged in the FA-2 examination, the school decided  not to celebrate this day.  Many students made greeting cards to their beloved teachers and celebrated this day with great love and respect.


 First Aid Day was celebrated on September 9th. This day was organised by the Science Club  to teach students to equip themselves with life-saving skills. Students were taught how to do First Aid for the wounded person so that they could help the injured person with basic aid. 


Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated to commemorate the birth of lord Krishna.Each year our school celebrates Krishna janmashtami with lots of devotion to lord krishna.This year as higher grades from 6th to 9th were involved in FA-2 examination and students of 1st and 2nd were dressed in Radha-Krishna costumes,at noon the students danced in joy. After the examination there was a bhajan program in the mark of lord Krishna’s birth.


International Day of Democracy is celebrated on 15th September every year.This day is celebrated to mark the ten-year anniversary of the adaptation of Universal Declaration on Democracy.The inaugural  celebration of this day occurred in 2008.Our school celebrated this day with great respect,students from class 6th to 9th pledged the Preamble. 


Ganesh Chaturthi is the birthday of Ganesha,one of the most beloved gods.  Our school celebrated Ganesha Chaturthi on 20th September. All the students and teachers celebrated this day with lots of joy and festivity. In the afternoon the students of the Bhajan Team sang very tunefully.   The Idol of  Ganesha was immersed in the well.  At last they were given prasadam.  With Lord Ganesha in their minds and hearts Children went home. This day was indeed a good opportunity for the students to get involved in the Ganesha Festival Celebrations. 


Our school organised  a Parents Teachers Meeting on 23rd September 2023 to interact with parents about the children’s progress in the first Semester . Every parent had  a chance to meet the subject teachers and the class teachers  to discuss various issues and ways to make their children better in the curricular and co-curricular activities. Teachers asked parents to cooperate to teach children better. 


Amazing to see Newspaper in school ! !  The school has arranged  The Deccan Herald daily newspaper for children to cultivate reading habit Children are also given tasks to complete by reading paper. Children are very excited ! ! !


Kannada activity ( 7th and 5th )

EVS activities ( Grade 5 )

Science activity ( 7B )

Students learning about rain harvesting