Welcome to November Edition of SSVK Newsletter  


Impromptu Speech: An Impromptu Speech, on the spot speaking Competition was organized for 6th, 7th and 8th Grades on Saturday, 29th October, 2022.Themes were given before hand and the topics for the speech were based on the themes.

Many children participated enthusiastically. This on the spot speaking activity helps them in learning concepts, organizing the learnt concept, planning, usage of appropriate vocabulary, time sense and speaking without inhibition. We were happy to see participants doing their level best. For others it was a motivation.


We celebrated kannada Rajyothsava on 1st of November 2022.Swami Vishnumayanandaji and Swami Mangalanathanandaji graced the occasion.Mrs.Prema Shivananda and Mr.Shivananda of Dhvani trust were the chief guests for the occasion.After the flag hoisting the chief guest  gave a speech. The four houses of school Gargi, Sushrutha, Aryabhatta and Arjuna entertained children with skits, songs, speeches , book reviews on kannada and kannada literature.The colourful programme ended with sweet distribution.



SSVK and SRVK Middle School and 8th graders have visited Azim Premji University, Sarjapura on 5th November 2022. The university had organized an event  on "Rivers of Life", for school children.  Our children had a chance to watch a movie on rivers, dams, effects of destruction  of dams.A photo gallery to explain different rivers and their origins, was quite informative to our children.They were provided with lunch . 

Sharada of class VI , gave a feedback by summing the day's activities to an interviewer.  It was an experience to all children as they related their knowledge of geography while watching their programs....


On 11th November, 2022, our school has organized Kanakadasa Jayanthi. Children were told about the great seer, Kanakadasa by Mr. Shivaram Sir Miss. Sandya. Miss Rakshita and Miss. Deepthi enthralled children by their song. Master Vedanth of class IV attiring in Kanakadasa's robes danced for the song. 

All children enjoyed and learnt about Kanakadasa. 


Children's Day Celebrations: The school has organised competitions to be conducted in respective houses, Sushrutha, Arjuna, Aryabhata and Gargi.  The competitions including, Memory Game, Musical Chair, Pick and Run and Blindfolded Drawing Competition. All children had a great time in participating in all the competitions. 1st and 2nd prizes were announced for the children who had won in these competitions. 

Book Review Session : we are happy to inform that our children have created Library Corners in their class rooms and managing the books on their own. This has an access to all children to read books. Ganavi of 8th is doing an excellent job of lending books to 6th, 7th and 8th children. 

We are proud to announce that many children have read nearly 80 to 90 books in just six months. 

Our beloved Swamiji, Managing Committee Members, Mrs. Brinda Mam, Mr. Seshadri Sir, Mr. Lingaraju Sir and Administrator Mr. Murali Sir attended a session of Book Reviews by children. Children were appreciated by them.  All children came forward to speak and share their experiences of reading books. The session encouraged all children to read books to gain knowledge and confidence.

 Children were overjoyed when they spent time with our Swamiji on children's day. It was a memorable day for everyone of us. Children showcased their talent through Puppet Show and Radio Shows.

Our Swamiji Vishnumayanandaji and Swamiji Mangalanathanandaji gave away the prizes for children who had won in competitions. Children carried home a moral story narrated by Swami Mangalanathanandaji and the blessings of our beloved Swamiji Vishnumayanandaji.


A talk on Hygiene and well-being.

Dr. Manjula, Gynecologist, had an interactive session on the topic "Menustrual Hygiene and Well- being" on 

25th November 2022. Girls of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grades along with their mothers attended the session. 

Dr. Manjula spoke about the scientific reasons, hygienic conditions during menustration period. She also cleared their doubts on wrong beliefs.


Kahoot quiz competition was organized for classes 5th and 6th on November 19th. Kahoot is a game based learning platform used as educational technology.It makes learning  interesting, engaging and enjoyable.

Many students bagged 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.


Matific  is a fun filled online Mathematics Competition for primary school students ( from 4th grade to 7th grade) . 

This competition helps children to develop critical thinking, problem solving and reduces maths anxiety. 

The competition started on November 23rd and will go on till December 6th 2022. Our children are participating enthusiastically.


Akash (6th B)

Govan  ( 6th B )

Deepika R ( 8th )

Bhumika ( 8th )

Manya ( 6th B )

Rachana ( 8th )

Bhavya ( 7th )

Thanushree ( 6th A )

Ganavi ( 8th )

Risha (6th A)

Thanushree K ( 8th )

Thanushree and Risha ( 6th A )

Deekshitha ( 6th A )