June - 2023

Welcome to June  Edition Of  SSVK  Newsletter


A new start with a new year 2023-2024 gave warm welcome  to all the students from LKG to 9th . The school was the second home to the students and they really missed their  teachers, friends and the nature which surrounded them. The students were so happy and enthusiastic on their first day and  all of the students were ready to attend  classes to learn new lessons.


The first parent teacher meeting for the academic year 2023-2024 was held on 4th June, Sunday. Parents and members of the management committee,  Smt. Shalini mam , Smt.Mythili mam , Sri.Seshadri Sir were present.   Swami Vishnumayanandaji ,  Swami Mangalanathanandaji , Swami Maha Arhanandaji enlightened parents about children’s education.

Smt.Shalini mam , Smt.Mythili mam , introduced themselves and spoke about different ways to teach children in a fun way. Our Swamiji explained the ideas of Swami Vivekananda to educate children into a good human being. The meeting ended with the distribution of juice packets.


This is what our Murali sir has to say on the Environment Day  5th June

Not only June 5th should be celebrated as the  Environment day  but every day is Environment day for us. This day  is just a day to remind us we have Environment and It is very necessary to keep our environment good, healthy and clean. The environment is not only outside but  it is also inside you and us. If the outside environment is good indirectly or directly environment inside you will be good.There are simple principles which can keep our environment better. Not too big plans but  just simple ones like not wasting paper,water and electricity, keeping our classroom and school clean, to not to use plastic are just a small move from our side is enough. This sensitivity towards our nature should not only be  in school  but  also at  home  and everywhere . We should start being sensitive to our environment.


The Ocean Day : To mark the Ocean Day on 8th June, school has organized a talk on Oceans, how ships have streamlined to sail smoothly, the techniques to dive, marine animals, Rukmini Shekar, a Marine Researcher, gave a talk to the students of class 6. 


Every year our school organises Vidyarthi Homa and mathru- pithru pooja for parents of class 8 and 9th students. It is such an unique event for both children and parents. Many parents expressed their appreciation for having attended an auspicious event like this. Respecting elders is the value which is taught with a customary practice.Parents were grateful to Swamijis and school for organising this heart touching event.


On International Yoga Day,  children displayed  a colourful Yogabhyasa. Daily practice of yogasana is called as Yogabhyasa. Yoga keeps our body healthy, and we can manage stress,to certain extent you can control mind . It also helps in the circulation of blood.  Matsyendranath and Gorkhnath were the  two saints from Nath tradition of sanyasa.They wrote sutras on Hata yoga.  Later the present Sutras were derived.The schools which practice different forms of yoga are :  Bihar School Of Yoga - Patna, BKS Iyengar Yoga School-Pune , Pattabhirama School Of Yoga, S.Vyasa Yoga University. In our school students enjoyed doing Surya Namaskar and other Yogasanas on yoga day.


Our school Rainwater Harvesting Project was inaugurated on 26th June 2023 in the basketball court. Shri Mahesh Kumar Mall, MD, Bhartiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (P) Ltd Corporate Office, Bangalore, along with many other dignitaries was present.The inaugural function began with the chanting of Vedic Slokas and  Aarti by our beloved Swamiji.The basketball court was formally inaugurated by playing basketball by the guests.

Swamiji thanked  'BRBNMPL' for sponsoring the ground as well as the Rainwater Harvesting Plant.The MD addressed the gathering and children share their experience of having a beautiful basketball court and Harvesting Plant below.


Inspire is a project ‘Innovation In Science Pursuit For Inspired Research’ (inspire) is an innovative program sponsored by the department of science and technology. Our school has been a participant since 2021. Under this project children from class 6-8 have designed various innovative projects . This year one of our projects has been selected at the state level . A group of students from class 6 was working on ‘Wild Alert Torch’ to help villages who live in forest . A 2 year long project has been accepted and selected at the state level .

We are proud of Amit, Benaka, Thanushree of class 7-8 , Mr.Anand and Mrs.Nidhi kumari who worked as backbone for this project’s success.


SSVK 9th girls had an interaction with girls of international Elementary USA  school along with their mentor Mr.Madhan. It was just an initial introduction and children will have more sessions in future to discuss about their learnings.


Grade 1 and 2 Activities in English and Math

A Bird Watching Session for Class 4A and 4B

English activity - Ice cream parlour by 5A and 5B 

EVS activities - 5A and 5B

Science activities ( 9A )

Bhuvana shree ( 7A )

Nature calender by Richitha, Thanushree and Bhuvana shree ( 7A )

Posters on Tigers by Vedashree, Bhoomika ( 5A )

Sneha and Ganavi ( 9A )

Dhruthi S Gowda ( 8A )

Swarna  ( 7th SRVK )

Navya S Mallya  ( 7A )

Pratham ( 5B )

Rachana ( 9A )